Font of Wisdom

by nothing nothings


sean at
nothings dot org

Font of Wisdom is my second "24-hour album" intended to meet the constraints of the Album-A-Day project. It was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in about 12 hours total over a 30-hour period.

It has significantly lower production values than my other albums, and I don't recommend starting here unless you really like the sound of my voice.

The song titles are all names of fonts by Tom7.

Font of Wisdom


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  1. Donner 1:47
  2. This Boring Party 0:48
  3. Cosine Katie 0:54
  4. I Suck At Golf 1:48
  5. Non-Blocking Socket 2:25
  6. Wolves, Lower 1:46
  7. Melanie 1:40
  8. Antimony Blue 1:41
  9. Germs 1:20
  10. Dissonant 1:51
  11. 32768 NO 1:50
  12. Submerged 2:23

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