Suggest a Title 2

by nothing nothings


sean at
nothings dot org

Suggest a Title 2 is my fourth "24-hour album" intended to meet the constraints of the Album-A-Day project, It was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in about 20 hours on September 28 2003, the day after I recorded the album it is a sequel to, Suggest a Title.

The song titles were suggested by numerous friends of mine. Thanks to Zvi, jwalrus, ddyte, Elsie, Emily, smarry, veep, and Caitlin.

Suggest a Title 2


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  1. Circle Girl 2:30
  2. Love is the force inside the atom 2:50
  3. Helicopter Love 1:57
  4. March/April Time 3:35 (instrumental)
  5. Poisoned Song 2:14
  6. Eat the Tree 1:55 (instrumental)
  7. Too Many Games 1:50 (instrumental)
  8. My Evil Heart 2:55
  9. Out of Service 2:39 (instrumental)
  10. Goodbye Celebration 2:27 (instrumental)

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