Article: 178490 of talk.bizarre
From: hoppie@nemesis.EBay.Sun.COM (Thomas I Hopkins)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Invocation to Muse
Date: 30 Nov 1994 23:58:40 GMT
Organization: Organized? Me?
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December first in Greenwich has arrived,
A day for talk.bizarre to celebrate.
For this day holds the hope of something fresh,
Original and maybe even good.
With wild fervor many have contrived
To put together posts you'll think are great,
In hopes that all the words will form a mesh
That filters out the diamonds from the crud.

To all who post and all who used to lurk,
Let all you have inside you now be heard.
Show us the brilliant thoughts you have to say.
The time is now; bring forth your cherished work.
May muses one and all who give our words
Let Fail to Suck all those who post today.

-Tom Hopkins
It's always best to begin at the beginning.