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Summary: destroy everything
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Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 11:59:12 GMT
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After the battle, we traveled home through awakening lands.
When I held the overlord in my gaze for Gunnar to kill, I'd
apparently destroyed his hold over the lands. The little folk
had ventured forth from their burrows, and told us that the
forest spirits were rising. As we were in the middle of some
rather thick woods, I was a bit apprehensive, but Gunnar had
laughed at my fears.

"No, no, no. *chuckle* the forest spirits would not harm us.
We have a common enemy, and with the overlord gone, they can
now fight. We're safer in the bosom of the wood than in my
father's keep. Sqijliverpate says we don't even need to set a

"This is the same Sqijliverpate who told you that bears can't
run going down slopes isn't it?"

Gunnar refused to be riled, "On this, he knows what he's talking
about. He knows the forest. There will be plenty to worry about soon
enough, and you can unleash your devastating logic then, but for now,
just relax."

I had lingering doubts, but the prospect of sleeping without
armor was too tempting to ignore. Besides, I'm a scientist,
deep down inside of me there is a piece that simply does not
accept spirits or magic or fantasy. I'm sure that if I see it
clearly, I can explain it. Sqijliverpate is too, which is why I 
wear a blindfold or nearly opaque sunglasses at all times.

[ sound ]

[ hunh? ]

I awoke slowly, seamlessly moving from deep, heavy sleep to
barest consciousness. It felt good to lie there and take in
the cool night air, the warmth of the coals, the soft kisses
on my inner thigh.

[ what!? ]

Struggling farther awake, I could make out the scent of fresh
pine and the feel of a woman upon me. Ever so lightly she
caressed me with her lips, shaping her mouth to my response
and probing gently with her tongue. Sensing I was awake,
she giggled and stretched out to tousle my face between her breasts,
then slid her body down mine to engulf me with her mouth.
Gasping with surprise, I sat up fully awake. She giggled again
and embraced me, her mouth brushing against mine once, then
twice, and then a third time more insistently; pressing harder
with parted lips. I could feel her incredibly soft skin and
the impossibly light weight of her body upon mine. She smelled
of pine, and her hair was soft and fine. I laid back down and
returned her kiss, reveling in sweet passion.

When she broke my embrace, I reached out, thinking she had
fled. But then I felt her astride me, and as she sank down
onto me I gasped again. She also vented, exhaling slowly at
the pressure of me inside her. Then she began to ride me, taking
slow descents and rapid rises, slowing when she felt my body
tremble. I could feel the sweat breaking upon me, and as I ran
my hands upon her, I marveled at the coolness of her soft skin.
Then I felt her shudder around me, although she didn't slacken her

I was so caught up that I didn't notice when she grabbed my blindfold.
In my peaking ecstasy, I was unable to avoid a glimpse at her face.
Although I clamped my eyes shut as the shudders wracked through
me, I knew it was too late. I felt her body grow heavier and her
skin warmed under my touch. I opened my eyes to see her, and she
held my gaze. She smiled with tears in her eyes. I kissed them away.

When the cold eyes of reason view fantasy, it usually dissolves.

I'm afraid this time was no exception.