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From: (Daniel R. Guilderson)
Subject: Kibo makes front page of Boston Herald
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Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 16:18:12 GMT
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The Boston Herald ran a front page story on Kibo (11-30-94).  It was
so dry that it failed to capture the essence of its subject matter.
However, that is not the point I wish to address.  The story claimed
that Kibo was the first non-techie net celebrity.  I wish to dispute
that claim.  I believe Carasso was the first.  For every Christ there
is an anti-Christ and Carasso is the anti-Christ of the net.  He
firebombed the net long before Kibology was invented.  He mastered
misc.test bait.  He torched peaceful net-neighborhoods for no apparent
reason.  He drove a black windowless van before it became vogue.  He
tortured lovelorn geeks.  Hardly the kind of net personality that you
would want to embrace in mainstream media.  Hence, history is
rewritten to remove the ugly blemish that was Carasso.