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From: (Eamon Daly)
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Subject: distilled cliche (fail to suck entry)
Date: 1 Dec 1994 17:17:25 GMT
Organization: Boston University
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"don't fire. stay calm," pleads my better sense of
firearm  ettiquette.   weapon steady, i fumble for
the crumpled up  brookstone receipt  (left hand in
right hand pocket-   quite awkward, i   take note)
which points that unyielding finger of death:

 "she's wearing one red shoe on her right foot."

and  so i stand, blind   to the petticoats and the
armanis and the silcon breasts passing through the
doorway.  the moment consists  of only right feet,
and they are  many.  my pistol wavers but slightly
under the  strain of concentration  as boots pass.
as heels pass. as sneakers slip  by and flats flit

i  barely notice as  a  pair of  feet stride up to
me.  and  i don't  even  flinch  as  two shots are
buried directly into my forehead. 

the shoe, it seems, was on the other foot.

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