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From: (G.M. Deal)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: The aged farmer and old man time
Date: 1 Dec 1994 09:32:49 -0800
Organization: gma
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[it is a quiet night.   the stars are out.   an old farmer is sitting
on a log speaking to an imaginary audience in a conteplative tone.]

   "he will twist your life into a deformed toy and give it to his
children to batter and chew on.   in his hands you become a rag to
twist and twist until you have nothing left to give.  as relentless
as the ocean tides his attention will slowly wear you away.   taking
and taking, it never ends.
   "yes, Old Man Life is a cruel master.   he has no regard for us, we
are subject to his every capricious fancy.   as a puppet that has
danced to his tune for years, i yearn to sever my strings and live free
of his manipulating hand.
   "somewhere, somewhere out there i know i could find freedom.   far
off in the misty depths there is a place that has eluded his groping
tentacles of control.   in the dark regions between the stars, in a
distant solar system, or maybe in another galaxy -- i know i could find
peace.   somewhere, somewhere but not here."  

[he silently gazes at the night sky.   a dog barks.   a car passes by.
time passes.  the porch lights turn on and a woman comes out.]

   "YaaaUp, so i built me a spaceship, i hid it in the silo so no
guhverment snoops come pokin' around.   it's gonna take me up to the
great loft in sky.   an' here's my wife all rarin' t' help me blast
off.   ready honeybuns?

   "YEEEEEEHAAAAAW!   here we go!"

[appropriate lift-off sounds.]