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Subject: Women and Boys 1
Date: 1 Dec 1994 17:49:21 GMT
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Summary: inspired by cb
Keywords: mercifully short
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Dale heard the screen door spring closed, and he knew Karen was home. He loped 
down the stairs, eager to tell her his news.

"Karen! Guess what!" He yelled, as he ran into the hallway that led to the 
living room.

She didn't answer, but he was already in the room by now anyway. She had her 
back to him. She was putting her raincoat in the closet,without much energy, 
he noticed.

"Karen, guess what!" He said, as he walked toward her.

She turned and he knew it had been a bad one again. She was pale and looking 
past him.


She closed her eyes as she walked past him to the bedroom, head down, wishing 
him away.

He followed.

She sat at the edge of the bed, with her hands upturned in her lap. She was
staring at her hands.

"Karen, would you like to talk?"

She turned and looked at him. Her eyes were dry and her expression was empty.

"I have the blood of a boy on my hands."

Dale looked, but he could see nothing,

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