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Subject: Women and Boys 3
Date: 1 Dec 1994 17:56:17 GMT
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At the end, she dipped her hands in, and lifted them in front of her.  She 
watched as rivulets dripped down the sides of her arms, snaking slowly 
toward her shoulders, her breasts. She brought her hands down to touch 
them, arms crossed, the warm wetness spreading over her in ripples. She 
knelt in front of the slab, and lifted the stone bowl over her head. Slowly 
tipping it until the stream became a brief torrent, she emptied it over 
herself, and fell exhausted as the bowl dropped from her hands.

Several hours later, she bathed in the cavern spring.  When she was done, 
she lowered the rope and untied it from the delicate ankle, so white. The 
rest was routine.

She returned to her office on Monday, refreshed and cleansed, to resume 
her career as a Public Defender for the City of Santa Fe.  Her dreams 
would be quiet again, for a while.