Article: 178539 of talk.bizarre
From: (Anthropohedron)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: There is a woman
Date: 1 Dec 1994 17:56:31 GMT
Organization: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Lines: 54
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Summary: failing to suck (?)
Status: O

There is a woman. She stands unashamed, unabashed.
Her skin is smooth and unblemished, the ravages of
hormones forgotten or unknown. Her hair has never
seen a split end, and trails lightly on the ground. 
It is blonde, or chestnut, or fiery red.

The gentle breeze teases the eye, tickling the
grass at her feet and brushing the hair from her
flesh. Briefly, ever so briefly, does an inverted
triangle of identically colored hair appear
through the shifting tresses. A small flurry of
hair makes her turn her face upward, the sun
flashing from her eyes.

Her eyes, green or brown or blue or grey but
dazzlingly so, are slanted. Or not. The thin
eyebrows and eyelashes, just barely glinting in
the sun, reflect the light as if continuations of
the locks hanging from her head. Her nose is
straight or slightly hooked or ski-jumped, and
lies above a mouth with full lips and nearly
invisible smile lines.

She shakes her head and the wind changes, throwing
her hair behind her like a cloak. The grass bends
and ripples in concert with the waves of hair. She
lifts her arms and curves her long fingers into
the wind as if they were pinions. Her ribs are not
quite visible through her taut skin, and the curve
of her breasts in profile can be seen shifting
slightly as her arms lift and lower in the wind,
as her breath fills and leaves her lungs.

The curve of her hip, the indentation of her
navel, the soft, light hair on her slightly
rounded belly become clearly defined as she turns
to follow the wind. Soon she is spinning to keep
up with the wind, her tiny ankles bouncing as they
turn her body. She gives a clear laugh of joy and
tumbles to the ground, gracefully somehow.

The wind has subsided and she sits, plucking
single leaves of grass and tying them in knots.
She gathers her hair around her, stands, and walks
on. The wind returns and follows her, leaving the
sky and the grass and the air as still and clear
as a summer day can be.

--Anthropohedron (I
think I can guarantee
uniqueness but I am
having some trouble
proving existence.)