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From: (Starcap'n Ra)
Subject: Hooters are not bizarre
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Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 18:03:34 GMT
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     As meredith and Ilana have demonstrated, a followup
can use an original article as a springboard for another
original idea rather than just an opportunity to provide
a banal comment (Hi, Lloyd!).

>From Thu Apr 23 16:39:18 1992
From: (Starcap'n Ra)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Hooters are not bizarre
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gypsy writes:
> hooters are not bizarre.

  Hooters are not bizarre, baby.  Hooters packin a lowcut lace bra are not
   bizarre either, baby.  Not even when I suck on them right through your
    bra.  Not even then, huh, baby.  Hooters aren't bizarre after I tear
     your bra off revealing a fine chain between both nipples baby. No
       they're not, are they baby.  Not even when I bite hard on the
        the nipples, huh baby.  Huh.  And when I stick my dick in
          between them and you rub them up and down on it oh oh
            baby they're still not bizarre now are they baby.
             Oh no, baby.  And even when I *UHHHNNNN* come
              *UHHHNNN* all over them baby *UHHHHNNNNN*
                *UHHHHHNNNNN* they're still not even
                  bizarre then, are they *UHHHHNNN*
                   baby *UHHNNNN* *UHHHNN* and as
                     the come all dries and you
                       watch me walk on out
                         the door they're
                           still not bi-
                            zarre are

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