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From: (achille lauro)
Subject: Pain, and definitely not pleasure
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Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 04:27:46 GMT
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Pain is funny.  Perhaps less in the weird sense than in the humorous
sense.  Pain can make you laugh, when someone takes that tender spot
and squeezes it and gives you that special smile, and your suffering
suddenly becomes amusing as all hell and you laugh and shake and the
pressure on your bruise turns into shearing stress and the pain goes
through a tonal change and you see stars, whole galaxies before your 
eyes and the laughter paralyzes your diaphragm and you hurt SO much.

Pain is a remembrance, a sign: "A battle here was once fought."  Ow.
As your flesh or your soul changes colors, so does the memory of the
incident; how badly were you hurt?  It's ok, i'm fine now.  But deep
down, the tissue beneath the surface has scarred; the callus will be
there and will not let you forget that you were battered.  Your pain
will not have been in vain.  Recall, and learn: it may not hurt less
the next time it occurs but the pain will most certainly be funnier.

"this won't hurt a bit"
Way before I came to rule this place
I was king of an island
I only needed someone else to rule
Now my mind is an island