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Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 07:15:24 GMT
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inspiration magnetic media:

she was gorgeous and delicate like the rain which
was conveniently wetting us, unquestioning and
uninterested in motive, method, and opportunity.
earlier, drier, and much more cynical, i followed
the frantic shadow of her hair like a gambler tracking
his favorite runner from race to race, lawn to meadow.
win on the street.  place in the restaurant.  show
in the kitchen.

fascination, though, is a terrible idea.  there are
easier and less permanent roads to frustration, paved
over good sense and logic having first levelled the
way with large yellow machines.  piles of rationality
erode on the shoulder of the highway to pitiless gloom
and leave wet lumps of reddish brown on the sidewalls
of your oh-so-rapid polluting transport.  luckily, the
same sibilant rain flushes them away even as it blurs
your view of where you're going.

forget and be forgiven.

p.                 hey, yeah, my life has come unraveled again in so many places