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                      StarConFed Exobiology Commission

Carydea 4 Expedition
StarExFleet Proceedings
Exerpts, Survey Results: 2137 - 2142

Mission Profile: 
This mission studied the native population of Carydea 4, a terra-class planet 
(60% water, 11 major continents).  Predominant sapient lifeform is a species of
semi- humanoid hunter/gatherers, present on eight of the continents. 
Observation teams were inserted in-planet to study inhabitants, from 
concealment. Contact was against directive.

He was the first young male she'd seen. Nadya had been observing the tribe in 
this area for two days, since she had taken over Baris's station, and he had 
gone to the tank.  Captain Voryus would rotate in at the end of the week, and 
then she could tank out until to her next watch. That thought reminded her to 
check the drip, to make sure that the stimulants and immune agents were flowing
into her at the right rate. A quick glance, confirmed, then back to the view 

Operations Team:       
Each team was made up of five members and a team commander. Every 
member was a specialist in one area of study (Anthro, Repro, Xenobio, 
Socio, and so on). The team ran three continous watches, rotating every 
three days, with half the crew on rest at any time. Studies have shown a 72-
hour stimulant-enhanced work schedule to produce maximum results, when 
coupled with an equal dep-sleep session. All the team's observation time 
was recorded, but experience had shown the value of firsthand observation 
and insight backed up with recordings.

The boy, about the size of a 12-year old human, was rooting around, trying to 
dig up food, she supposed. He seemed to be doing an inexpert imitation of the 
behavior they had observed in the adult males, but never by the females, if 
that's what they really were.  Nadya had her suspicions, but none that she 
could confirm without a physical, or perhaps by observing a mating. She just 
wasn't sure what they would each do with their "extra equipment", although 
Baris had made some crude guesses. She cranked to max magnification and saw 
that he had the same pair of appendages as every other male and female. 1-foot 
long and equally-opposed, they hung unused at hip level, parallel to the arms,
seemingly unjointed, with a small opening at the end. They were exposed through
slits in the side of the crudely woven clothing worn by all. Well, they were 
either vestigial, or they were used in a way the team had not yet observed, 
such as mating. Though her expertise was analyzing toolmaking, a specialty 
rather under-used this trip, she very much wanted a first sighting (observation
of a significant behavior), and at this point, mating seemed to be about the 
only one left.

Initial Results:        
Midway through the designated study term, each team had observed several 
groups on five of the continents. The societies were unusual in that there were 
no young observed in the open. Speculation was that young were kept in 
confined areas, as in each tribe, females were seen going into a hillside 
dwelling and not coming out. Males would bring food into the dwelling but 
emerge within minutes. The only adolescents appearing were female, and they 
were closely watched by older females and kept close to the center of the 
group. Males were seen to wander farthest, foraging or farming. No inter-tribe 
conflict was observed; in fact, no inter-tribe contact of any sort was seen.

Nadya panned back, and in the underbrush 15 feet from the boy, she spotted 
movement. There was a female slinking forward, approaching the young boy from 
behind. As Nadya watched, she sprang to her feet into a full run, amazingly 
fast. She let out a hideous screech, seeming to shock the boy. She was on him 
as he turned. Nadya zoomed. From the female's appendages, long flexible 
tendrils lashed out towards the boy and wrapped tight around his appendages, 
pinning them to his sides. She wrestled him to the ground, groin to groin, and 
holding his arms at bay, and with her face away from his, she began to grind 
against him. He was writhing furiously at first, trying desperately to escape, 
but he suddenly stopped. Then he began to move with her, though he was still 
less willing than he was compelled by biology. All the time, both of them were 
screaming furiously, though her voice sounded orgasmic to Nadya, while a clear 
element of pain came through in his. As they went on, almost 15 minutes in all,
the female seemed get even stronger and more dominant, the boy weaker. 

At the end, he collasped with a heave; Nadya supposed climax had occurred. The 
female uncoiled and stood up, retracting her snaky limbs, and stood over the 
spent and semi-conscious boy. She let off one final cry, this one clearly a 
victory yell, and ran off, melting into the forest.

Nadya was shocked by the whole incident, unable to react for several minutes. 
She was flushed with the excitement of the sighting, her revulsion at this rape
and cruelty by an adult female against this boy, and the heat within her own 
body, the race of her own heart. Nadya felt deep shame at her reaction -- dead 
against her training and her upbringing. But she could not deny what she had 
felt: a lurid fascination and a deep, animal-like urge. The heat faded slowly, 
like a bath draining slowly, and she was left feeling like she was sitting wet 
on the now cold steel after the water was gone, unable to move, with a chill 
penetrating deep to her bones. She was angry. She hated herself for identifying
with the female, the agressor, the brute, in this encounter.

Female Mating:  
The initial instance of mating observed defied all expectations, and Command
was initially reluctant to generalize from it. Subsequent observance made clear
that females mated with the rarer feral males, returned to the tribe, and spent
gestation in shelter. Tribal males were not involved in reproduction. The 
mating was violent, seasonal (part of the reason it had not been observed 
sooner), and only the strongest females reproduced successfully. But that was 
only half of the equation.

When she looked again, the boy was still laying flat on the ground, unmoving. 
She zoomed, and was relieved to see that he was still breathing. His clothing 
was ripped, and she could she his sex organ, long and bulbous, slowly 
retracting. looking only vaguely human. It was bloody, as were his thighs and 
groin. His appendages were still a gray purple from where they had been 
constricted. His arms were scratched and bleeding, though not profusely. He 
looked helpless. 

Nadya was worried. She was afraid that a predator, like the one they called a 
cheetah-zoid, a reptillian that moved like a cheetah and killed like a big cat,
would get him. Contact was against all training, but he was the only young male
they had seen in months of observation planet-wide. He was so helpless lying 
there. The animal in her has subsided, and other instincts took over. Nadya 
decided to break directive and help him. At least move him to cover so that he 
could recover, bring some bandages, something. Then she would fade away, no 
harm done. She knew this was wrong, and even in the back of her mind, she knew 
that it would be recorded, and she would be disciplined. But she couldn't let 
him suffer and die out there, not after that brutality. 

Nadya slipped out of the exit they used for gathering botanical samples, and 
rushed to his side. As she approached, she saw that he seemed to have recovered
a little, almost to consciousness. She bent over him and started to wipe away 
some of the blood from one arm. When his head snapped to the side and his eyes 
opened, she stopped and looked into eyes entirely inhuman.

He bared his teeth and snarled, deeper than she could have expected.  Nadya 
froze, but real fear did not set in until he grabbed her arms with twice the 
strength he should have had, digging his claws in deeply, and drawing her close.
After the first searing pain paralyzed her in each side, a little corner of 
Nadya's mind reflected scientifically, while the rest of her screamed agony 
and convulsed. Those appendages held tendrils of their own, only with a sharp, 
piercing talon at the end; now the female's appendages made more sense. 

Nadya felt a tearing inside her as each talon pushed deeper into her side, up 
into her chest, her lungs, her heart, in pulsing thrusts. At the same time, 
another penetration, no less painful, but lower. A ripping, a pushing, an 
unfolding, a planting, and a withdrawal. There was something in her womb, 
moving. The last thing she felt was two talons clawing their way up her throat 
and into her head. She never heard his mating cry.

Post Study:    

StarExFleet regrets the loss of Nadya Kiranaitis, Science Specialist T3. 
SST3 Kiranaitis, against directive, contacted an indigenous sentient, and in 
the subsequent encounter, was killed. However, from a scientific point of view, 
much was learned about the Carydeans through this incident, and possibly 
an understanding of the male-neuter-female cycle would not have been 
reached without her sacrifice. Subsequent observation, however difficult, 
confirmed the divergent reproduction sequence, and shed some light on the 
scarcity of the pan-males, as they are now called. StarExFleet further 
regrets the inability to recover SST3 Kiranaitis' remains, but there was little 
left after the six months of gestation. In addition, SST5 Baris Mihaylov has 
been officially reprimanded and demoted for naming the offspring after 
SST3 Kiranaitis, despite defending counsel's argument that there was a 
biological link, however unconventional.

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