Article: 178899 of talk.bizarre
From: (David Bryant)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Kugelblitz Mai Tai
Date: 1 Dec 1994 22:45:05 GMT
Organization: The Void
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Man looks at black, beaten, old typewriter -- All the keys bunched up together
as if fighting for that one place on the page where they all could meet.  That
place is present.  Now.  The rest are then and there and why and where.

Hot September sun pours into the windows burning the plants to a black
spinning crisp.

He rubs the bridge of his nose remembering the argument.  And his face
collapses in on itself.  Words words and more words.  His face pulls in
further, the sucking sound at the windows, pulling the curtains in, as he
pulls everything into him, like some big, red, bloated star striving to take
the universe down with it.  The glass breaks under the strain, shards striking
his eyes and mouth, and flowing bloodlessly in.  And things become darker

Sweat drip from his brow, the barkeep hands a bright red drink to a lone woman
in the midafternoon empty bar.  She feels a slight breeze as she sips in
thought.  And one of the lights goes dim above the bar.