Article: 178968 of talk.bizarre
From: (S.M. Deter)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: junctions
Date: 2 Dec 1994 04:44:11 GMT
Organization: Adhocracy, Inc.
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Even as we begin
Down our separate paths
I feel as if I should
Run to when next they meet
And wait until
You come to me

And sometimes the paths
Shall run parallel
Or even move father apart
Someday they will move in close
And in their crossing
I shall take joy

They may never again
Run concurrent for so long
As they have in the past
But for that
I shall long even greater
For their slightest touch

And when they run apart
Still I shall hear of you
I'll revel in your greatest glories
I'll strive towards your greatest hopes
And in your sorrows
I shall shed such honest tears

And should there come a time
When they shall never again cross
I shall look back
To every junction
And find my strength
And continue ahead

And should one of us
Stop our journey
Before the other comes to rest
The other path will be lonely
But will be traveled
With all the love of the past