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Subject: recently unearthed: `off the hook'
Date: 02 Dec 1994 06:27:21 GMT
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Summary: no longer topical.  oh well.
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I did not and have not ever.
I have not and will not ever.  Well maybe just once it was a long
I am not and did not ever.     time ago a big dark time ago and there
                               were control issues involved, you know,
No, Admiral, I did not ever.   not under my control.
Yes, Admiral, I have never.
No, Admiral, I have not ever.  Wouldn't you have?  A, package, like that,
                               and my colleagues ... there was a certain
When I did--no, I did not.     there was a certain, pressure, measured in
If I did--but I just wouldn't. peers per square inch, and the yelling ...
If I did--well I won't again.
                               ... attractiveness of the, package, and
I have never seen this woman.  the yelling, she, a certain ... pressure,
She has not been seen by me.   attractiveness, measured in saftigkeit per
I doubt she even exists, sir.  degree of retinal angle, pneumaticity ...

If asked I categorically deny  The ... package, the ... control, the ...
If asked I emphatically deny   pneumaticity, it was very very tempting
If asked I unflinchingly deny  for a man of my stature.  Wouldn't you have?

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