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Subject: Fail to Suck submission. So late. I cry.
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Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 19:47:45 GMT
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 When most of the war was over and there weren't many of us left, we decided to
stop.  Grey silty clouds were covering the sky, like filthy strands of cotton
candy, without ever a vendor to gather it on a stick, nor a child to taste
their sweetness.  A single note of wind was making us cold.
  So we took all of our bombs and missiles and waited on the low brown cliffs.
And then we fired them at one another, all together crashing in a place high
above the horizon, above the orange wounded setting sun.  The ground shook as
the impulse jets took them up, and a single seabird tolled "hyaooooh", rising,
  They met in the sky and there was a stellar yellow flare.  For a moment we
felt like the sun shone on us, the sky was greenish, almost blue and sharp
flaring shadows danced behind us.  I shifted my feet, shaded my eyes with a
hand.  For seconds, I shaded my eyes, and the shine was white-silver on the
sea beneath me.  For seconds, and then it went brighter, then fell away.
  I heard mumbles and their shuffling feet scraped the gravel we stood on.  I
looked forward - the sun fell too.  Challenged and unseated by men with bombs,
it plummeted into the sea, a deflated purplish thing, as big as a child's beach
ball, and floated, leaving behind it a phantom sunset.  The sun bobbed
pitifully as the waves tossed it around.  "Hyaooooh".
  I screamed and jumped into the sea, flailing with my arms, and panicked
through the cold water to save the sun.  I was surprised when nobody followed.
They just huddled closer and looked at me and the sun racing in the water.  Got
up to it, clung on to a cliff with one hand and held it aloft with the other.
I somehow hoped the twilight would replenish the sun, make it shine.  It
worked, you know - I felt it growing and filling in my hand, feeling like thin
rubber stretching, throbbing in faint orange.
  When it was full I threw it up in the air.  It floated like a baloon, then
fell back down into the water.  I swam after it.  The sky was growing dark.
Held it again, this time for longer.  I felt the heat, the searing heat, I
could smell my flesh burning but still I held it high.  I melted into the sun
and it pulled me up.
  Together we flew and I rained ash all over the new morning.  Nobody cheered,
they just looked at me and the sun.
Yossioren. // AND TIHS IS HOW I SAVED THE WORLD!!!13!#!