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From: (Eric Scheirer)
Subject: (repost) You are old, talk.bizarre
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Summary: Fail to Suck
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Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 20:47:52 GMT
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"You are old, talk.bizarre," said the youth with a smirk,
  "And your postings are terribly flat.
 My eager young mind turns out good, clever work --
   Please -- what is the problem with that?"

"You might think," countered tee dot bee, "just as you said,
   That your surreal style has some merit.
 But many cavenewts have been flamed until dead,
   Upon posting their work for to share it."

"You are old," said the youth, "and I think that you all
   Do conspire to keep me at bay.
 But I really am q00l, and you ought to recall
   You yourself were a newbie one day."

"Perhaps that is true," said the froup loud and strong,
   "But we possessed something you lack:
 A sense of what's right for the Net and what's wrong,
   Call it subtlety, wisdom, or tact."

"It seems to me, though," the poor youth blathered on,
   "That I'm really as smart as you are.
 I've studied at Harvard, Caltech, the Sorbonne;
   I'm successful -- I own a fast car!"

"You don't fool us none," said the oldbies en masse,
   Gath'ring round for the kill, so to speak.
"You have large, hairy pimples all over your ass;
   You're a pasty-skinned, pantywaist geek."

"You're assholes!  Just fuck off!  You all are so lame!"
   Said the youth with a tear in his eye.
 "I think you should just take this dumb stupid game
   And ream out your colon and die."

Tee bee says "I'm old -- that is true -- but get this:"
   As he fingers his membership ankh.
"Me off you are able no longer to piss,
   Welcome into my killfile, jerk - *plonk*"
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