Article: 179005 of talk.bizarre
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
From: larne@canetoad.uucp (Broken Symmetry)
Subject: Thought Balloons
Organization: The Emerald City
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 20:26:30 GMT
Message-ID: <1994Dec1.202630.2641@canetoad.uucp>
Summary: Schlock climbing
Lines: 43
Status: O

Hi!  Yeah, I am the one blowing all these bubbles.  It's quite
mesmerizing the way they catch the light, isn't it?

They're my brain, you know.  No really, they are.  Here, I'll prove it
to you.  Hand me that flashlight, will ya?  Now, look into my ear
while I shine this into my mouth...

See, my head's completely empty.  The mirror finish inside my skull is
a side-effect of the removal process.

What do you mean, 'why would anyone do that?'  Lots of reasons.  Gift
to a loved one, for one thing.  Beats some stupid ear, eh?

But me, I just wanted to liquefy mine, throw in some ivory diswashing
liquid and make bubbles.  I find life so much easier to deal with when
all my thoughts are floating around me, rather then rushing around

Hey, would you like to pop one?  Like I said, each one contains a
thought or a concept or a mental doodle.  They only look transparent
until you open them, and then the thought drops out.  Well, or
sometimes it flies away.

C'mon, its fun.  Like a fortune cookie.  I think about sex a lot, you

Yeah, that's more like it.  Here's a pin.

Oh, sorry.  I guess that one had some thoughts about my last job.
It's OK, that stuff should wash out pretty easily.

Try another.  Try that one.

Whoops.  I guess I should have warned you, sometimes they don't pop,
but engulf surrounding material.  What?  Speak up, I can't hear you
through the membrane.

Why yes, you *are* now subject to my every whim.  But don't worry.  I
think I like you, so I think I'll think of pleasant things for you to