Article: 179017 of talk.bizarre
From: (Zvi Gilbert)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: god (2)
Date: 2 Dec 1994 02:24:57 GMT
Organization: nylon rutabaga co.
Lines: 31
Message-ID: <3bm0hq$>
Status: O

god, wash me 
in the blue blood sky!
mash me! trash me! make me a pie!
(the sky is a pie
and the circle is too
and *i* don't know the eye
that the 
looks through)

god, breath me
in the cradle of time!
see me! leave me! pour me some wine!
(i've drunk all the wine
and eaten the cakes;
time is a
rubbed on my aches)

god, eat me
in a hydrogen bun!
slice me! entice me! go for a run!
(we run it together
like water, like lime;
made into rhyme)

far and few, far and few, are the lands where the jumblies live