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From: (strychnine)
Subject: Special Hong Kong Chinese New Year Price!
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Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 03:00:58 GMT
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My god it's full of meat i have no idea what this little orange ball
on a toothpick the grizzled old fisherman sold me but it was boiling
in a little pot and it sure was fun to watch while i sucked down that
cheap carlsberg while those greasy natives jostled around me waving
currency around like they were lottery tickets and after awhile i
meandered up the street in the rain my uniform getting soaked  but it
didn't matter because the rain never lasts long and the smell of
rotting fish is exquisite or maybe it's duck or whatever that red
alien-looking thing with no head that's hanging in the window actually
is and there's this guy doing business out of a tiny crack in the wall
and he sells me the last cheap soapstone chess-set he's got and i
wonder if joan will like it then i have a bowl of noodles in this
dingy little store with james fucking bond i swear to god no lie it
was him i saw his gun and his license to kill it was pretty damned
impressive but i played it cool and asked him if he knew where to get
a good price on a couple of big old planks of teak and he said try the
shipyards up in kowloon and i thought cool now if only they haven't
closed down like the rest of this damned town because it's chinese new
year and only heretics and the born losers are open for business and
the only people buying are people with no money.

j h woodyatt                                 
            ...lightly spiced with uranium hexafluoride...