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From: Benjamin Cox <thoth+@CMU.EDU>
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Subject: Aruba
Date: Thu,  1 Dec 1994 23:27:51 -0500
Organization: Information Networking Institute, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA
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I was lamenting the fact that I had nothing to post for Fail To Suck
Day, when I read the letter from my dad.  He and my mom just got back
from Aruba, where they went for a Thanksgiving vacation.  In it, he

Back to Aruba: I got attacked and bit by a fish.  A little brown
fellow the size and shape of a coin purse came out and threatened me
and tried to stare me down.  Actually, I suspect there were several of
them working in shifts, but it was hard to tell because tropical fish
of the same species tend to look pretty much identical.  Anyway, I
thought this was amusing, but he was apparently serious, because after
about an hour of haranguing me in fish, he got his balls together and
bit me on the hand.  His mouth is only about an eighth of an inch
wide, so he couldn't really bite me of course, and I only felt a
little tickle on the back of my hand, but I was amused and rather
admired the courage of the little guy.  Must have taken some
determination to make him try nipping a plug out of this huge, clumsy
white-and-red strange fish like that.  I don't think that I would have
done it.  I tried to congratulate him, but he hurried off to a hole in
the coral to calm down, and I wasn't able to say much.

Ben Cox