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From: grendel@canetoad.uucp (Tremble y Tense)
Subject: Dead Dick's Eyes
Organization: The Emerald City
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 00:44:17 GMT
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It was the first time I had worked grave duty and I had not known 
what to expect.  It turned out it wasn't hard work and Larry was
good company.

We stood by the freshly dug graves and looked into the surrounding mist 
that obscured the dawn and filled the valley.

"What's that sound?"

Larry stopped smoking a moment to answer me.


I scratched my neck and asked, "Really?  How ya figure?"

He smoked some more before answering me.

"They're very good."  

I switched my weight to my other foot and thought about that for a moment.

After a while I chuckled around my cigarette.
"Nobody is that good."

Larry took one last long drag on his cigarette and tossed it into 
the grave.

"Come on."

We began to take a leisurely walk into the mist.
We're in no hurry.

As we walked toward the tree line, the executed that hung from the trees 
could be seen more clearly.

I stopped about a few feet away and crossed my arms.
We both stood there waiting.

Finally, a strong gust of wind came and the bodies once again took up their
strong melodic humming.

I laughed for a full minute before I could speak again.
"No fucking way."

He smiled and pulled another cigarette from his overall pocket and
motioned me toward the tree that Dick swung from.

"Ya hear that?  That G followed by a high E?"

I closed my eyes and tried to isolate that particular sound and finally
I heard the notes he spoke of.  Nodding in agreement I took the cigarette
from his lips and took a drag.

He smiled and said, "That's Dick's head."

"No shit?"

"I saw them line it up.  I swear the entire time Dick was kicking and 
screaming about how `He refused to die for music' and `I cling to
the single sound of life' these guys...I mean, damn, they were pure
professionals.  It was awesome."

Another strong wind blew through the valley and we stood there listening 
to the delightful dirge of death for a moment.

"How many shots you think? Per body that is?"

"Well, for Dick's head only took two shots."  He motioned toward his own
head with his index and his middle fingers, "One through each eye.

I passed what was left of his cigarette back to him and stared up at 
Dick's swaying body.  

I have to admit I found it comforting that the most melodious sound 
that Dick had ever made was issued as the wind blew through the holes in 
his chest and abdomen.

           "Yes.  That's swell.  Even in death one can 
                achieve ones greatest musical desires."


Oops. I'm late.

                       "With or without?"