Article: 179057 of talk.bizarre
From: (Bryan O'Sullivan)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: An Homage to Suckage; Or, Advice to an Unformed Newbie
Date: 4 Dec 1994 18:41:19 -0000
Organization: Plus Crimethinkers Inc.
Lines: 34
Message-ID: <3bt2gf$>
Status: O

Failing to fail to fail to suck
Means posting good stuff by the overfull truck.
And failure to fail to suck, you schmuck,
Is the filling of this 'froup with wittering muck.

As a newbie you might think you have some excuses
For spewing forth with those uncreative juices.
But if, as is likely, we think they are putrid,
We'll forcibly rout you with feathers unsmoothed.

When failing to fail to fail to suck,
No use is excuses like "I was starstruck";
For from mountains of shit can a diamond be plucked
Though Llllloyd and studly can't do better than shuck.

You've got to be careful in showing your plumage
If you ever expect some froupers to pay homage
To your efforts, for if the first few show suckage
You'll be killfiled and harried with merciless *plonk*age.

If you wrote about choking on a geoduck
In a humorous way, why then it might not suck.
But if you've really no clue, then hey! best of luck:
For you're sure to be told to go and get some writing lessons.


just.  couldn't.  resist.
Let us pray:
What a Great System.
Please Do Not Crash.