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(My email works again.  Really.  I just tested it.)
[Editorial note: actually, it broke again just after
I posted that.  --ceej]

General Magic has just moved its offices from a pretty
nice location in Mountain View to a fairly terrible
location in Scummyvale.  I mean *Sunnyvale*.  Actually,
I'm being redundant.  All locations in Sunnyvale suck.

A brief word on Silicon Valley geography:  suckitude 
increases to the south as you approach San Jose.  
Suckitude is at a maximum at the intersection of 
highway 880 & 101.  (Also known as "the Heart of Darkness." 
Well, it's known as that to me, anyway.  Fittingly, a 
large mall marks the spot.)  

San Jose & Santa Clara are armpits with no culture and 
(almost) no edible food.  Housing is cheap-- but who'd
want to live there?

Sunnyvale is a strip-mined strip-mall hell-hole.  

Mountain View is has pleasant spots and decent housing.
It has a downtown which was actually improved by its
recent "revitalization."  Rents are at a pleasant spot 
on the price/performance curve.

Palo Alto has great food and great housing with high rents.
It has a downtown with bookstores and movie theaters and
the above-mentioned great food. I live in Palo Alto.

I judge building locations by two criteria:
- How nice is the bicycle commute to the spot?  Pleasant
  residential streets?  Hellish distressways?
- What's available within walking distance?  Edible food?
  Nice parks?  Strip-mine-malls?

My commute to Magic's previous building was a 5 
mile bike ride through pleasant residential Palo Alto along
a mostly car-free bike boulevard.  Good food, Tower Records,
banking, and the DMV were immediately adjacent to the building.
This location rated highly for me.

My commute to Magic's current building is problematic.
Do I take the City of Sunnyvale suggested bike route along
the Central Expressway, where the bike lane disappears
at each high-speed exit and where a cyclist was killed last
year?  Or do I take Middlefield and cope with a minor maze
of streets where Middlefield ends?  Either way, it's about 
10 miles. What's within walking distance?  Inedible strip-
mine-mall food (bad chain burritos, bad chain pizza, terrifying 
Japanese cuisine, greasy Chinese cuisine) and no parks.  It's 
industrial "park" wasteland.  This location rates MAJOR 

It's the difference between Mountain View and Scummyvale,
and it's painful.

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