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|From: (C J Silverio)
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|Subject: new building 2
|Date: Thu, 01 Dec 1994 19:18:30 -0800
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Magic moved because it had outgrown its old shell, of 
course.  It needed to abandon the old one and scuttle
around, soft & vulnerable, until it found a suitable
new shell.  

The Scummyvale building is indeed much, much larger
than the old building.  We will fit inside this building
until more than 500 people work here.  (When Magic is
that size, it'll be more than 5x the size it was when I

Right now, we rattle around.

Nobody shares cubes now.  My new cube is twice the size
of my old cube. Actually, I just realized that it's 
literally three times the size.  My old cube was 2 Herman 
Miller units by 2 Herman Miller units.  My new cube is 
2 by 6 millers. I have desk space I don't know what to do
with.  It stretches out for creamy off-white yards, well 
out of my arm's reach.

There are people I used to trip over who I haven't seen 
in days. I have to walk miles and miles to reach the 
section of the building my manager is in.  I know 
somebody who keeps a bicycle in his cube-- he rides 
it from one end of the building to the other.

There are dozens of named conference rooms and even
more unnamed "project rooms".  People use the building
blueprints in my cube to figure out just where the 
"Peter Cottontail" room is and then to map out a route 
to get from here to there.

The Pavoni machine is a 3 minute walk away from my

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