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From: (Andrew Solberg)
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Subject: SCIENCE FICTION: Pipe Dream 1 (100 words)
Date: 1 Dec 1994 08:07:16 -0600
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The world had become hazy; indistinct.  Representational forms spontaneously
wavered into ambiguity.  The scientific community had no answers.  In
desperation, the President turned to Dournier, the noted art historian.

Dournier brought a Magritte into the Oval Office and gestured with a
pointer.  "The caption, translated, reads 'This Is Not A Pipe'. Magritte's
idea: you don't see a pipe, but an image *resembling* a pipe, seen from
your perspective."  

His mouth drew into a grim line.  Fumbling in his pockets, he withdrew a
long-stemmed brier.

"The problem, Mr. President, is that in a few days this won't be a pipe

HWRNMNBSOL = Andrew J. Solberg, Visiting Prof. at Rice U. from U. of Oslo