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From: (Andrew Solberg)
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Subject: SCIENCE FICTION: Pipe Dream 3 (100 words)
Date: 1 Dec 1994 08:07:02 -0600
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Dournier shouted over the din of a thousand churning computers.  "I have 
good news and bad news!"  The President nodded.

"The good news is that my plan is working.  Look!"  The President squinted
at the Magritte painting.  He touched the canvas and felt something cold
and hard.  "It's a real pipe!" he exclaimed.

"Yes," acknowledged Dournier.  "Unfortunately, we've overshot our mark.
A disaster may be brewing."

Sure enough, a wave of pipe-ness rolled across the world.  Shoes became
pipes.  Eyes became pipes.  The army (pipe) tried to stop (pipe) the
pipe, but pipe nothing would pipe pipe.

Pipe Pipe Pipe!

HWRNMNBSOL = Andrew J. Solberg, Visiting Pipe at Pipe U. from Pipe pipe pipe