Article: 261226 of talk.bizarre
From: (Art Delano)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: sucking
Date: 30 Nov 1995 23:10:23 GMT
Organization: Fry Multimedia
Lines: 19
Message-ID: <adelano-3011951821510001@>

incipient angels bearing up ill portents;
doom-laden sadness and lagging regrets.
to say ought but otherwise is to earn yourself scorn
and nobody will love what you've done e'er more.

i hadn't a clue as to what they would say
once i bundled a wreath of verbal decay
'midst the screen door and the door of contempt
shielding myself thus with knowing lament.

to know that someday what i do might be lov'd
or at least not spat on by others above
the transom of mouse-gate squalor where i sit.
had i not sucked, they might know of my shit.

Please eat up quickly once the package is opened by you.