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From: (PiRich)
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Subject: Good Morning!
Date: 29 Nov 1995 11:41:48 -0500
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Summary: Argh!
Keywords: Asparagus, writing

Today I was awakened at 7:55 (5 minutes before my alarm was to go off) by
my technical monitor at Lockheed.  He said "Good Morning!  Is Rich there?"

"This is he."

"I need to speak to Rich."

"I'm Rich."

"Is Rich there?"

"That's me!  I'm Rich!"

"Oh, OK.  You picked up.  Did I wake you?  We're getting a lot of pressure
to get this month's report out, so I was wondering if you could e-mail your
monthly report to me today.  By the way, are you doing it on mac or PC?"

I blinked and said "I could send it to you today.  It isn't finished yet,
but I could have it done today."  I walked over and switched the alarm off
before it came on.

"Will that be in ASCII?  The last one you sent was in ASCII."

"Yes, since you told me you had e-mail, I wrote it on a unix machine and
sent it to you then transferred it to mac for the final version."

"OK, well ASCII is fine.  Did you say it was finished?"


"OK, could you go ahead and send it?"

"Well, I have class in just a little bit."

"Oh, that's OK, just as long as you get it here."

"Sure thing."

-Rich, counting the ways he loves grad school.
  "Back in the 1960's, when students at other colleges were staging protests
and blowing up the offices of their school presidents, the burning question
at Georgia Tech was 'Where will I park my car?'"     -Dr. M. Turner