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From: Lloyd Wood <>
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Subject: Re: Chicks dig the math team
Date: 30 Nov 1995 17:57:56 GMT
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Lloyd Wood <> wrote:
 ><> wrote:
 >>jenine@lamar.ColoState.EDU (just.jenine abarbanel) wrote:
 >>>In article <> (Lisa Chabot) writes:
 >>>>Sure, crush a geek girl's dreams--I mean, I became a Mathlete so I
 >>>>could see the world: Barstow HS, Apple Valley HS, Ridgecrest HS.
 >>>you forgot BAKERSFIELD.  you can't forget bakersfield.
 >>>j.j, beef jerky capitol of the world

(This included-text checker isn't very bright.)
>IHNJH,IJLS "Come to Bakersfield, and get your beef jerked!"
IHNJH,IJLS "Get your beef jerked, and come in Bakersfield!"


So, um, how far is it from San Francisco?