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From: (D. J. McCarthy)
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Subject: Re: sssc [shocking ssc]
Date: 1 Dec 1995 20:45:24 GMT
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In talk.bizarre, Meredith Tanner said:

: first of all, because i have no idea who you
: are, whereas bobtech has been a fixture here for at least
: five years (six?  seven?  i can't remember).  second, because
: your definition of the word "dickhead" seems to be a bit
: narrow.  certainly the MAKE MONEY FAST and phone sex ads are
: posted by dickheads, but i believe that there are many other
: fine examples of dickheadhood stalking the hallowed halls
: of talk.bizarre.

	IHNJ, IJLS "dickheadhood".  It gives me a mental image of an
enormous foreskin....

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