Article: 261229 of talk.bizarre
From: kmi <>
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: oddities here in the void
Date: 30 Nov 1995 21:13:46 GMT
Organization: UWO, London, Canada
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when i look hello to you, the most bizarre in the world (or so I assume) 
I am afraid.  So many of you seem pale maybe even normal.  Regroup 
people!  Let the cold air/warm sun into your jellyfish brain tissue, make 
it emit sonar frequencies.  Say hello to the corporate executives on your 
block.  Make them give you "the look" If you haven't gotten that lately, 
it's time to start over.  Listen to bazouki music until you chortle 
uncontrolably, dance with strawberry Twizzlers to excerpts from Schubert, 
sing Bjork, photocopy your profile then post yourself all over nearby 
buildings with accompanying cryptic messages "Red hair is a sign of sugar 
and lust"  "Eating people is bad"  "Bill Gates is my dog Fido, the best 
undercover agent in the world".  Have fun!  Write me back at cold UWO, 
canada, where "the look" was perfected by people with no souls.