Article: 261224 of talk.bizarre
From: (Boy Mozart)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Chevyn Don't Read This
Date: 30 Nov 1995 23:00:59 GMT
Organization: Stevens Hall Indecency Taskforce
Lines: 28
Message-ID: <49ld3b$>
Summary: Tales from the SuperNet

First, the SSC: I may be responsible for the presence of Edward Meadows.
No, I'm not claiming to be his father.  And I'm not claiming credit for
whatever he wrote in The New Republic or whoever he used to write for.
I'm saying I may be the reason why he's HERE, in t.b.
Next, the proof: I was rummaging through the TBWA and discovered one of
my earlier efforts, the subject being "TALES FROM THE SUPERNET: ONE".
It was my very first post ever, submitted March 11, 1991.
It makes reference to someone named Ed M.
It also happens to be a prime example of a post made after reading t.b
for only a week.  I've seen a lot of references to newbies in the last
couple of weeks--as I write this, I'm reading stuff from November 18th--
and if you happen to be one and you have a Web browser, you may wish to
check this out, if only to gain an idea of what to avoid.  Try saving it
to disk, printing it out, and writing in big letters at the top of the
I see less and less Meadows-inspired flamage, so the poor old boy must
be dying.  But if I can prevent one more fresh young Usenet virgin from
unleashing another genitally-fixated twit onto the froup, I may find
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