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Subject: Visions, 1
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Date: 01 Dec 1995 06:09:37 GMT
Organization: Rancho Apocalypse
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MOTHERFLESH: A Vision of God In the Dust, Weeping

	Kneeling, searching scattered ground
	Dirt worked into wrinkles of flesh and cloth
	Pebbles through fingers filtered
	Spits upon her palms, clenching hands, 
	Rolling grit, making mudballs.

	Mumbled blessings, she sits back sets up
	To hang it, another dirt clot, in the sky.
	It crumbles.  Again.  And again.
	Crying now and rocking, cracks another
	Faltering, choking sobs she whispers

	"One more.  Just once more."

				Kelly J. Cooper