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From: Scott Ellis <>
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Easter
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 00:42:24 -0600
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Paco, Paco & Paco didn't care about that
when they let me sit in the backseat
of their tiny orange Fiat
tootling down to Sevilla
sometimes you've just got to go

a born driver Paco & a born Andaluz
singing flamenco de sangre y toros
between clap-claps he'd fling us like dust
round the road's bounce & blow
through rich men's cars & heavy trucks
flipping the bird out the window

& me in the back what's that? & what's that?
in highschool Spanish through guzzling conac
& Paco answered & Paco said & Paco replied
& each claimed the others were crazy

the long golden stretch of the hills
a grain mantilla on ochre tits
& always a boy by the roadside
thrusting asparagus fistfuls at
our laughing & singing & nearly dying

sometimes you've just got to go
like fleeing Cordoba chased by giant
millipedes bearing Christ & Mary
swathed in miles of torchlit velvet

lurching doorway to doorway
looking only to sleep
pursued by thousands of sneakered feet
head battered by cherubs
with gummy caramel candies

Paco, Paco & Paco didn't care about that
Easter had shoved us all on the run
me to sleep in a consulate garden
the Pacos to roar down the drag & drive back
& I salute those who speed in the sun
whose laughter tears an idol down

sae - If you've got everything under control, you're not trying hard 
      enough.  (Twyla Tharp)