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Date: 1 Dec 1995 00:52:34 -0600
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"So, I get to Latte-O-Rama, right?  And there's like, this cop,
standing in front of the door.  Won't let me in.  Says it's a crime
scene.  So I say sure, no problem man, I'll try back later.  I slip
around the corner into the alley.  Jump up on a dumpster, and look in
thru the back windows.  Man, I just about lost my lunch..."

Dr. Nordstrom paced nervously in front of his desk.  This was *not
good*.  The only specimen in captivity in this region of the country.
The Board of Regents would not take this well.  He could just hear
Barker now:  "So your narwhale just decided to take a walk, is that it,
Marty?  Haw haw.  Just went for an evening stroll?  Haw haw."
Nordstrom gritted his teeth.  He would find out who was responsible
for this.

The student was *not* getting the picture.  "And just why *can't* I
use this to get rich?  I'm not digging the notion of just sittin'
around this drafty-ass joint for the rest of my life, freezing my butt
off.  Screw this; I don't need you any more.  I betcha didn't know
I've *already* been doin' some stuff."  The master winced.  No, that
had slipped right by him.  This one was strong, the strongest yet.
But he needed to learn self-discipline.

Viktor Levtoushenko wiped his eyes.  Then he wiped the quartz port, again.
He called out to his partner.  "Andrei...  *come look at this.*"  Andrei
drifted over, steadied himself on a handhold and gazed out.  His jaw
dropped.  "Wh-what?"  Outside, a ton of frozen ~monadon monoceros~
glistened in the raw sunlight.  Or rather, one-half ton-- the slow turning
revealing the perfect bisection.