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From: Scott Ellis <>
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Subject: Information Economy (repost by request)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 00:53:15 -0600
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i started out as a freelance ontologist my clients were usually ministers 
insurance adjustors & shiftworkers with metaphysical doubts i swung a 
leveraged buyout of a chain of virtual reality therapy centres i was raking 
it in till ms pacman's bulimia self-help group launched a class-action suit i 
diversified into computer prophesy sacrificing pedigreed herds of angus & 
charolais reading their pricy entrails averaging out the results into pie & 
bar graphs i was cleaning up until the omengate scandal when all my military 
& stockbroker clients got busted by that time pychoproctology was where the 
action was till the great surgical glove drought wiped out all the pile 
shrinks i sold holographic porno on the 2-dimensional market until my files 
were raided by the fbi & disney now beauty & the beast are pulling 3 to 5 i 
made a killing as a graphology consultant teaching deadbeats to sign their 
names with drive reliability & seizable assets my grads wrote their own 
tickets some of them signed their way into politics you don't want to know 
i'm doing quantum political spin control i'm the guy who keeps the quarks in 
the bag & the ins in office i make antimatter & soundbites for dimwits it's 
ok but lately my broker's on a bungee cord i can't get my foot out of my gui 
my resume glows green my secretary is maxwell's demon my cpa's a black hole i 
can't find my homepage my portaphone smokes crack my vcr's on a vision quest 
my modem wants a sex change instant tellers sing me karaoke my frequent flier 
points won't get me back from uranus my beemer only runs in tornado alley my 
children keep receipts my clients all pack sickles i can't keep my hands off 
my fax machine & i hear my ex has a virus hunting program somewhere out there 
looking for me...

sae - Look under the surface, and, if you're really lucky, there's more 
      surface.  (Richard Avedon)