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Date: Fri, 01 Dec 1995 01:24:40 -0700
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Reposted from alt.job.gooley, when it was still alive:

Matt Ostanik writes:
>Does anybody have a copy of the charter for this group that
>I could see?  Or could you just give me a general idea of
>what it is?
>Thanks in advance.

In the construction industry there is a special hand-held
insufflating device called a job-gooley. Whenever large blocks of
solid rock do not fit properly, or big sections of bridge are
found not to join up as expected, the shift foreman inserts the
job-gooley and fills the irregular gap with an extract of
schadenfreude, known to the bluff hearty construction bozos as
'gooley'. This is why bridges fall down.

This newsgroup was created for the discussion of the use and
legality of the job-gooley.

the guardians of hell, having bought you, will cook you there in jars.