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  My name is Earl Smith, I live with my family here at Newton, Va., and I
wanted to tell you about that thing that happened.  One peaceful Sunday morning
we were all dressed up and ready to leave for our church when my girl Sharyl
saw that some vandals have trespassed into our yard during the night and
have written in paint a derogatory message on our door.
  Now you see, I have nothing against our minorities, and some are very good
citizens no doubt, but my family is pure-bred Saxon, we have been living in
Newton for 300 years and we've been in the Congregation ever since it was
formed.  We give money to Christian dayschools, I just don't want to cause
any uncertainty, that's all.
  To be brief.  My dearest Sharyl was shocked, she nearly cried and Lyn, she's
my wife, had to calm her down.  I had to fetch some paint remover and wipe
that thing off.  We proceeded to church, after informing our local policeman
of the crime, who I am sure will teach these vandals.

  Hello, I'm Lyn, I'm Earl's wife and I am also the mother of Sharyl, our
fifteen-year-old daughter.  Last Sunday, as we all were about to depart to
our Church, my daughter was shocked to find that somebody had written on
our white door, in disgusting red paint, an insulting word.  Of course we
were all appalled, because, as I said, we are very important people in our
Congregation and Earl is also considering running for mayor.  I also go to
classes at Church, you should go to talk with Rev. Smith (unfortunately no
relation, haha) he's a very good man.  So you see, we're not what it said,
whatever any malicious sources in this town have told you (actually I know
exactly who might cause us such embarassment, I should have know this would
happen.  Never mind.)
  Anyway, very quickly we got rid of that writing.  My Earl wiped it off, still
in his best Sunday clothes!  It lent a reddish tinge to the door, which I came
to like now - so there's silver in every cloud, as my mother used to say.  I
also called young Carter, who works at the police, and he said he'll take
special care of this case for us.  He's a very good man, practically family.
And then, we all went happily to church.

  Hi.  I'm Sharyl Smith.  I am... my prents probably already told you about
what happened. It was last Sunday morning - you see, every Sunday Father takes
us all to this Church - so we were about to leave when I turned around, and
looked at the door, and there was that strong smell, a fresh paint smell, and
on the door they wrote something in red.  A bad thing.
  I was so scared bacause it was because of me.  I was... I see this boy from
town, we met at the shops - I swear he looked just like everybody, it's not
like Blacks when you know right away, I mean, he's very cute, they just moved
here.  Of course Mother wouldn't approve of him, she says pure of blood is
strong in heart, or something else her mother always said.  She wants me to
only talk to guys from the Church, nd they're all exactly like Father.  Stupid.
  So I was really scared and Mother thought I was crying so she started
crooning and with her stupid prejudice, she was like, everybody knows who we
are, it's all lying, dear.  I hate prejudice and all of people who got it.  And
then Father ran off with his Sunday suit and got some thinner to get the
writing off the door.  The door stayed this sick pink but Mother said - I
rather like it this way, isn't it nice Earl?  So we all drove off to Church
with dad stinking of paint thinner and Jesus I wanted to die.

(and there are no good guys in nonfiction)

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