Article: 261349 of talk.bizarre
From: (Nathan Torkington)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: A Day in the Life of Nerdsholm
Date: 1 Dec 1995 11:19:24 GMT
Organization: Interchangeable Antipodeans, Inc.
Lines: 24
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X-Apologies: to those who I left off.  It's because I hate you.  No, really.
Status: O

AjD is awake.
corprew waves.
Tom yawns.
kate logs in briefly.
Michele moderates.
d. bizarres.
j.j screams "IT!"
meredith amuses.
pirich talks ovens at nobody.
eric isn't on (along with caitlin, plord and crisper).
jujube weirds us all.
dhalgren discovers 'get'.
jkcohen answers a question.
becca lurks.
5150 vents.
ferret increments the Thwap-O-Meter.
squid woowoos.
jsam says "G'Day!".
stevi smoochies.
troc and miyume flit.
squirty works in another window.
Yossioren logs in, in the middle of the night.
gnat fucks American.
heehoo returns!