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joe: I was locked outta my room the other day.  It was awful.

JOE: What?

joe: Are you lissinin?  I said I was locked outta my room.

JOE: Oh, thats nuthin, I been locked out lotsa times and it ain't so bad.

joe: Yeah but ya know all my stuff was in there and I was just standin
	out in the hall and I couldn't get in or nuthin...

JOE: Well theres plentya places you coulda gone, you coulda come here

"here" was the Marlin Cafe, a neighborhood bar.  It closed a few years
ago, replaced by something so nondescript I can't think of what it is
even though I walk past it almost every day.  Par for the course
around here.  I was waiting for some friends after work maybe 8 years
ago when I overheard this conversation.  A lot of those years are
pretty vague but for some reason I can recall this conversation like
it was yesterday.
joe: Yeah well I was locked out and I didn't have no money and I didn't
	wanna go nowhere else anyway.

JOE: I been locked out too, but I tell you, one thing's a lot worsen
	than bein locked OUT and thats bein locked IN.

joe: Oh locked IN? Whaddya mean? Thats not so bad.

JOE: Oh, no it's MUCH worsen bein locked OUT, you cant go anywhere at
	all when yer locked IN.
joe: But yer already there, so what's the problem?  You got yer stuff,
	yer bed, the works.

JOE: But you cant go nowhere else. [pause] When yer locked OUT you can
	go anywhere in the world except yer room.

joe: But that's where you wanna go when yer locked out.

JOE: No you don't unnerstan. It's much worse bein locked IN.

joe: Yer crazy, bein locked OUT is a hunnert times worse.

JOE: You ever been locked in?

joe: Nah, but i been locked out and it sucks.

JOE: I been locked out an I been locked in, and lemme tellya its much
	much much worse being locked in.

I think that they were talking about something larger than being
locked in and locked out, but I'm not quite clever enough to figure
out exactly what.  Looking back on how long ago that was, it seems
like another life.  I can't believe I've been working here for 10
years now.  I never planned it to work out like this.