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From: (Melissa Litwicki)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: uses for a soundproof chamber
Date: 1 Dec 1995 15:09:42 GMT
Organization: University of Michigan
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1) from standing up against the cardboard wall; they had torn small
   crescent-shaped chunks from it with their claws.

2) there were pieces of punctuation missing in courier divots.

3) for having sculpted.

4) her mom took it from her and smiled, chiding her. she had
   forgotten to call her dad, but his winter coat was coming in.

5) "Yeah, I can get farther with <> than you can."

6) She had dreams, later, about stealing the keys and fumbling her
   way into that room, during the relative empty safety of vacation.
   Shutting the door with sharp, coaxing yanks, she pictured five
   days later, when her hoarse shouts and the weak thumps of her
   bruised hands were barely audible to herself, much less to anyone
   passing by in the hallway, two rooms distant.

7) The dog tore several nails trying to dig through the frozen ground;
   the turnips were crisp and overly sweet.

8) BOBO made a stink.


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