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From: (Brian J.Cash)
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Subject: RELS
Date: 1 Dec 1995 15:17:39 GMT
Organization: Bell Northern Research
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(John Mavis, a middle aged man in an expensive suit, sits in a doctor's office and looks
 at his appointment book.)


John always tapped his pen on his temple when he was nervious.


John was worried.  He prided himself on his organization and punctuality, but
now his pride was at risk.  And why?  Four letters.  RELS. 

In bold capital letters they sat on the page before him.  They glared with
importance and urgency.  John knew he must do that task at 1:00 PM if he was
to keep on track.  (HAVE to keep on track...keep on top of things.  Must not
let anything slip.)  And it is 12:45 now.  Fifteen minutes until RELS.

Whatever that is.

How could he be so stupid!  Obviously when he wrote the note the letters had
crystal clear meaning.  Not now.  Now they were meaningless symbols screaming
out at him for action.  


Sweat beaded down his face, endangering his pure silk designer tie.  He nervously
glanced at his Rolex hoping time would slow itself down to give him a chance to

Ten minutes.

Did it have something to do with work, or was it private?  Work, most likely...
his private life was fairly simple and straightforward.  Not much in it too remember.
The Wilkinson account?  The Council report?  The budget?  Nothing rang a bell.
Maybe Davis was right: maybe the stress was getting to him.  No! He's as sharp as ever!
He had Mike Long and Nancy Relime eating his dust, and the Turner deal was as 
in the bag.  One or two hitches, sure; but the problems just made success more worthwhile, right?
To overcome the odds, to fight the good fight, to...

Five minutes.

DAMN! What could it be? R. R for...what? Relocation? Revenue? Reimbursement Expense?
Return on Employee  Resolution Enterprise...Retail Expense Licence...

"Excuse me, sir.  Doctor Rels will see you now."

As the nurse led him past the manic depressives and phobics to the doctor's office, John
continued to stare at the word.

Realization Empathy Lugwrench System? No...

Brian /-|-\
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