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From: (k.tatroe)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Remember fate
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 1995 08:21:00 -0700
Organization: Writers are queer so keep away from them
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[imposition of leaf and sand] The smiles that cross your face hold vast
meaning; if only I held your Rosetta Stone. These colder nights are
never so bad now that meteors fall. [slow pan across a field of wheat]
If I could pray, I would: without it, my penitence is likely to be

"Remember fate!" is the warcry of the minions come to cripple me to
smile. A touch and then [tree branches over a frozen river] gone: he
may of passion be, but I hold comfort - this is where I'd rather be [a
tear falls slowly, backlit to great effect], despite what I sometimes

Winds howl whispers - messages [imposition of leaf and sand] for my
ears designed. I see your verbal pacing in my mind and wonder: does she
think of me? [pan down from the spire of an unspecified cathedral into
the nave, where a small goblet is tipped over, spilling wine; the wine
seeps into the cracks between flagstones slowly]

"Remember fate is the warcry!" [a tear is falling] is what she is
singing to you; never to be. The smiles that cross your face [tree over
river] are oftentimes for me. You can't imagine the joy that brings.
[imposition of leaf and rushing water] No else will I sleep again.

[imposition of leaf and sand] These colder nights are for my ears slow.
A touch and then here again. Flashpan, flashpan: [horizontal pan of a
woman's breast in shadow] memories trigger decision decision.

"Remember fate!" and I will not cry for her.

I will not cry [a single drop, backlit, splashes into a reflecting
pool; her face is momentarily visible (it is yours)] for her.

-k. ftsd-95