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From: (k.tatroe)
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Subject: So what? These things
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 1995 08:21:35 -0700
Organization: Writers are queer so keep away from them
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I'm standing on a hill nearby, reaching out for the stars, trying to
call them to me; to drown non-disastrously in their liquid distraction.
You linger here with me. Your unique draw of the colours of the sky and
your singular smell surround me.

Blue tracefire fingertip to fingertip. What's that thing called: a
halo? The cold air pimpleraises fractal skin to touch lightly; there's
an infinite region to explore and I've the patience to search it all
for perfection and flaw alike.

Watch me your content spill to dance heaven-ward. I will take you there
while cradling those celestial lamps: brace the moon for my smile.
Right now I would play an accoustic guitar solo while the birds begin
to flit awake, but I never learned to play music; I'll just stand here
on this hill nearby and imagine what colours to play.

-k. ftsd-95