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From: (k.tatroe)
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Subject: The Rainmaker's Shadows
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 1995 08:22:07 -0700
Organization: Writers are queer so keep away from them
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When the desert is this dry, the seasons fold as one vision united.
Viscosity is not the issue here. See: bloom and boon. Brilliant in
their gratitude to the rainmaker's charge. Distinguished and hungrily I
walk through their temporary - though no less towering - fields. I know
these banners have not been designed for my eyes alone, but that's what
I'm dreaming; not of you. Why do you so accuse me constantly?

Footprints in this sand are left behind slowly. I am contemplation; I
am discovery. I am exploration with no chance of their overnight
renewal. The jungle raises its canopy and shrugs off all trade of being
outside the oasis where your beauty shines. It's not where I go when I
close my eyes, for it's reserved for people far more special than I
should ever pretend to be.

The rainmaker's shadows stretch across the horizon each morning and
night and the stars could never be so bright when I'm alone. Though
you're not there, these are the times when and these are the places
where I miss your smile the most. I kick a rabbit's skull and cry out:
don't take him from me! (in vain).

-k. ftsd-95