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From: (M. Bryant)
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Subject: Towel Head
Date: 1 Dec 1995 17:33:52 GMT
Organization: University of Washington (Seattle)
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Out of the blue it hit them...  The empty ones walked and watched.  Some 
things they did not want to grasp, it would kill them, make them into 
something else.

The homeless woman's towel, wrapped around her blue blue head. They feel 
tied down now, like to the moon.  She knows what she is and that to which 
they are all tied.  She knows... knows that thing which she needs to do.  
They gave her someone's credit card for a cup of coffee.  Good, black 
liquid; she trusts the black liquid.

They stepped up the box and bought a ticked, "First class to Tulsa, no 
dreaming please."

Rubber band man had played his last concerto.  El Concerto Eternal.  As 
they walked onto the bus the players were turning their instruments and 
they never played a note.  Not one stinking note, pal.  But they paid for 
the ticket tomorrow, not to worry.

In a place a thousand years away, they passed a man in a breadboard 
sign... today it said, "the homeless woman will be wrapping a towel 
soon...repent."  They watched him implode, tying himself down, like to 
the moon.  "Next stop, transfer to the blue line, please pay on the train."