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Subject: Re: seeking Greek myth trivia
Date: 6 Dec 1995 10:17:26 GMT
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james a schmidt ( wrote:
: The two Sirens -- aren't Sirens. The sirens were beautiful women who sang so
: beautifully that they lured men captivated by   their song to forge to steer
: the ship and crash on the rocks, the two monsters that must be navigated
: between are Scyllia and Charybillus (check spelling, I'm not sure if it's
: right). One grabbed sailors off he ship with hundreds of long tenacles, the
: other created a whirling vortex which destroyed the ship.

"What did the doctor say?"
"It's not good.  I have...scyllia."
"Oh, God!"
"At least it isn't fatal."
"True...for a while we thought it could be charybillus."

Brian /-|-\
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